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Dr. Hugh Kieu, DC, IDE

Dr. Hugh Kieu, DC, IDE
Doctor of Chiropractic
License Number
* DC-26077-Ca (California)
* DC-1212-Hi (Hawaii)
Japan Representative for ICA

Dr. Kieu's Adjustment Philosophy

"Manually correct the subluxation with no pain."

Mission Statement

I want to thank all the Chiropractors in the past and the present who have paved the way for me to become a Chiropractic Healer. My mission is to improve Chiropractic Care for the world. To Love, To Serve the Chiropractic way.

Education, License and Certification

Diploma Doctrine of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West, U.S.A.
Doctor of Chiropractic Licensed in California and Hawaii, U.S.A.
LICENSE NUMBER : DC-26077-Ca / DC-1212-Hi
American National Board Certified #67121
X-ray and Radiology Supervisor and Operator License U.S.A.
Scoliosis Specialist
Herniated Disc Specialist
Industrial Disability Evaluator Certified
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certified
CLEAR™ Certified

Area of Knowledge and Experience

Skeletal and Muscular Balancing
Scoliosis, Hernia
Sport Training
Professional Sports, Coaching
Improve Sports Performance
Electric Modalities (EMS)

Code of Ethics and Conduct

  1. At Bones and Beyond we recognize the responsibility of delineating the standards of ethical and professional conduct expected of all Chiropractor working for Bones and Beyond..
  2. The Association acknowledges that the provision of health care is a provincial matter and as such, the ethical chiropractor is obliged by law to practice in accordance with the Act, Regulations, and By-laws of the province in which he or she practices.
  3. The ethical foundation of the practice of chiropractic consists of those established moral obligations which ensure the dignity and integrity of the profession and honor its history and tradition.
  4. The ethical chiropractor will accept the moral responsibility to act as his or her own ethicist. He or she will practice professional, with conscience and will observe the Golden Rule 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'
  5. Conduct in the practice of the profession should be above reproach and will take neither physical, mental, social, nor financial advantage of a patient.
  6. The chiropractor will show concern for human caring, and whenever possible, will share the responsibility of the health care decision making process with a patient.
  7. The profession will be practiced to the best of the chiropractor's ability, and education will be continued to improve clinical competence and thus, assure the confidence and respect of his or her patients.
  8. The dignity of both colleagues and patients will be respected by being truthful, honoring confidences, and acting with compassion.
  9. The chiropractor will, in the public interest, preserve, protect, and communicate the expertise of the profession in legislative, public education, and research matters.
  10. The chiropractor will collaborate with other recognized health care practitioners toward the ideal of teamwork, in which the rights of both the patients and the profession will be respected equally.