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Scoliosis Treatment

Christina's scoliosis case

Christina's Amazing Scoliosis Surgery Prevention Testimonial

Christina had severe symptomatic scoliosis and was schedule for surgery 1 week after her initial consultation. She no longer have scoliosis and she no longer have severe pain. She no longer need to have surgery in her neck and left arm! Please watch the Christina's amazing story and understand why she had severe pain all over her body! Understanding of the condition will always lead to wiser decision on what type of treatment is best for your condition.
Dr. Hugh Kieu

Scoliosis (Expanded Care)

A Completely New Scoliosis Treatment Approach

For patients living close enough to our clinic to allow frequent scoliosis treatments with no or minimal interruption of regular routine (school, work, etc.).

Scoliosis (Intensive Care)

Correction of Scoliosis Curvature without Bracing or Surgery

The recommended plan for 1-2 weeks of scoliosis treatment, generally providing excellent results in the least amount of time.

Dr Leong Yu Kiang, Amazing Health Transformation

Amazing Health Transformation

Dr. Hugh Van Kieu, DC, IDE, is one of only a few Scoliosis Intensive Care Certified doctors in the world. Scoliosis Intensive Care (IC) Certified doctors are trained to achieve results after only 1-2 weeks of care that would normally require 3-6 months of traditional chiropractic treatment. In addition, IC Certified doctors utilize techniques that substantially lessen the high levels of physical and emotional stress often experienced by patients receiving such traditional scoliosis treatment.

Observation, Bracing and Surgery

Understanding Scoliosis

The CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Method

What Is CLEAR?

Our Intensive Care (IC) Scoliosis Treatment, developed, certified, and supported by CLEAR Institute, is the most advanced scoliosis reduction method in the world. The CLEAR scoliosis reduction method is a revolutionary approach that has been proven capable of not only stabilizing but also substantially reducing scoliosis curvature without the need for a brace or surgery.

IMPORTANT What does it mean to be CLEAR IC (Intensive Care) Certified?

Seeing Is Believing—Our Proven Results in Scoliosis Treatment

Since the commencement of our CLEAR Certified IC Scoliosis treatment in 2011, we have achieved impressive results in correcting the curvature of the spine.

Prior to coming to Bones and Beyond, this person had already undergone 3 years of stressful medical care and rehab with ineffective results and had been told that surgery might be necessary if the curvature continued to worsen. With 2 weeks of our IC scoliosis treatment, major scoliosis curvatures in both the lower neck and upper back were substantially reduced.


This person was told at the hospital to wear a brace for 23 to 24 hours a day but had found that she couldn’t because doing so was too painful. Since the spine had not yet become rigid (which wearing a brace for a long period can cause the spine to become), we were able to reduce the curvature from 44 to 18 degrees.

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